Thursday, 23 June 2011


(left to right-sian 4, me 13 ,poppy 6, ruby 8, zsara10)


In my family i am like the head girl, im the eldest girl and have 4 younger sisters :)
Sometimes its fun but sometimes it certainly isnt fun..... like when they nick your clothes and try them on without permission and wear my jewelry and mess with my other stuff and then i tell them off myself and then they just look up at you and say, "Saff, when im more bigger, i want to be just like you!" and then my heart melts and i think how can i shout at her after she just said that to me! but then mum comes upstairs and asks what all the shouting is about and i tell her that they keep taking all my stuff and messing with everything and because im the oldest girl, i get the blame!! and she says, "Well if you kept your stuff in a safe place and out of reach from the others, then its not gonna happen, is it?" (oops!)

But like i said other times sisters can be great fun and i enjoy doing there hair every morning and choosing them pretty clothes to wear and when im upset they some over and cuddle me!!! awww!

So i guess, little sisters arent soooo bad, 

God Bless and remember to be thankful for ya sisters otherwise your life would be completely boring, trust me, i know!

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